Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Welcome to la fourmiliere

Bienvenu à la fourmilière! Welcome to the Anthill.

Ce sera mon blog pour tous les étudiants de français de la fac de Birmingham. This will be my blog for all students of French at Birmingham Uni.

Pour commencer – une devinette:

Je suis ce que je suis, mais je ne suis pas ce que je suis. Qu’est-ce que je suis?

This does not really translate, as it is based on a pun!


  1. I am what I am and that's all that I am
    I'm Popeye the Sailor man (Popeye)

  2. I don't know! what am I? please get me out of my misery ...

  3. Je suis un ane - I am a donkey! It is all based on a pun between je suis - I am, and je suis - I follow! So I am what I am, but I am not what I follow - which is a man!

  4. Je suis une Rockstar....Je souhaite!!

    That is all.