Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bon anniversaire, M. Darwin

Félicitations à Charles Darwin, qui fêterait aujourd’hui ses 200 berges, s’il était toujours en vie.


  1. Bon anniversaire indeed - I always think of Darwin alongside Marx and Freud, and it seems that Darwin's ideas have been the longest-lasting (although the current financial crisis may see a long-overdue revisit to Onkel Karl).

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  2. Or, when composing, switch to 'edit html' mode, and add the characters in extended form:

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  3. Doh! It replaced them...


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  4. I've just tried to do the accents, and the result was so disastrous I've given up! Congratulations to you too was what I meant to say. Does the first day you blog count as your blog birthday?

  5. I will be logging this conversation to come back to once I am a wee bit more proficient. I like how easy it is to share information :O)